About Us

Mountainview Skin Care is a Winston-Salem dermatology practice founded in 2005 by Paul D. Wortman, MD.

Dr. Wortman, who is board certified in dermatology, has a wealth of experience and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment (both medical and surgical) of hundreds of disorders of the skin, hair and nails. (See a list of commonly treated conditions.) He has practiced dermatology for more than 25 years in both the academic and private practice settings.

I now frame my work in relationship to and with my patients. I have also come to see that the body is not the “person” and that all of what is needed for healing is not in the science of medicine.

Our mind, our emotions and our spirit (or soul) can predispose us to illness. Lack of self-care, core beliefs that are false, and stress/anxiety – all contribute to poor health.

I believe that true healing, which results in a whole new way of being, or wellbeing, requires addressing and attending to these larger questions – by both my patients and myself.

In addition to traditional dermatology treatments, our practice can blend traditional methods with alternative and complementary care to provide a more complete and integrated approach to patients’ needs. This might involve discussion about dietary changes, herbal and vitamin supplements, massage, acupuncture, healing touch and other forms of mind/body work. In this way, dermatologist and patient can work as a team to promote self-healing. (More about Dr. Wortman)

Mountainview Skin Care has recently become part of a group dedicated to providing holistic health care (“127 Holistic Health”, website under construction).  The current providers in 127 Holistic Health are:

Paul D. Wortman, MD—Dermatology, 336-893-8423

Rebecca S. Valla, MD—Integrative Psychiatry, 336-893-8360RebeccaSVallaMD.com

Susan Kroll-Smith, RN, LCSW—Psychotherapy, 336-312-1804

Linda Mason, LMBT-Massage Therapy 336-782-2752

All of the above providers are located at 127 South Poplar Street, Winston-Salem, NC.

“Wellbeing is a state of balance or alignment in body, mind and spirit. In this state, we feel content, connected to purpose, people and community, peaceful and energized, resilient and safe. In short, we are flourishing.” —University of Minnesota Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing